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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Upcoming posts

Just wanted to post a line about what I'm currently doing.

Right now, I'm reading Dr. Paul Offit's book "Autism's False Prophets".

I am composing an article on what self-advocacy means in the disability community, especially in post-secondary education.

I am putting together the introduction to a series to define terms in Neurodiversity.

I am trying to make contacts in the local Autism Ontario chapter to try and get a screening of "Adam" sometime. I don't know whether it is possible at the Cineplex, so I am going to try at the screening room. If both fails, I will wait until it is out on DVD and book a theater, most likely out of my own pocket.

Also, tomorrow I go to the sleep clinic for my entry appointment (I have sleep apnea, moderate-severe) and an exam. This weekend, I go visit my brother in New Brunswick.

I have been asked by an autism service provider, Kerry's Place Autism Services, whether I'd like to display some of my artwork at a meeting(?) in October. I look forward to it. They also are very interested in my articles here. To those from KPAS who are reading this **waves** THANKS!!

edit: oops. fixed the broken link to Kerry's Place. Thanks Karen! :D


  1. Just heard today from from the local "Meet up" Asperger's support group. She had just got off the phone with the theater where "Adam" is going to be on the 28th, and was given a quote of $600 (US) to book a small theater. Not gonna happen. What we can do is get together a group of at least ten, and buy advance tickets for a reduced rate, $7 bucks apiece. I said to count me in. We'll discuss the movie over coffee afterwards.

  2. Very nice. the employee who I asked on Monday said that if their theater didn't get it when it came out, that they wouldn't be getting it.

    However, we have one of those independent theaters downtown, and they might be interested in picking it up if it isn't already on their list.

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  4. Mr. John Best, myself and others on this blog are fully aware of the content in the entries on your blog. Links to such vile hatred and complete bias, as well as completely inaccurate information, will not be tolerated.

  5. Corina, I wonder if this qualifies as stalking?

  6. @Timeload well, if he shows up on my LiveJournal, I'd consider it to be. Heavens knows that LiveJournal might be the only place on earth where even he might get overwhelmed by the emo drama of it. Plus, like Lurker, there's reasons why he wouldn't want to comment anonymously. But I can't imagine him getting an account...


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