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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Neurodiversity flamer part 2

Originally posted on LiveJournal as Troll response on July 7, 2009. What's fun now is that, thanks to a commenter on my LJ, I now know what possibly is his real name and the city he possibly lives in, as well as his email. So a general note of caution to people: people can find you. Not me. But they can.

For everyone who decides to send me emails like this, let this be a warning. I WILL post them for everyone to see, because honestly, I think that your own words speak for themselves.

remember Billy from this post: http://neko-no-baka.livejournal.com/302226.htm ?

Well, apparently he found my blog, and decided to email me again:

"Yeah, it was me, nutsndoltz. And I think I saw your email on deviantart. I think it's really silly that you call someone a troll for daring to disagree with you, which is what the rest of you creeps do. If only you could actually debate the merits of what your opponents say. But you backward social oppressors can't, and can't think of anything else to label your detractors as besides "trolls". You don't have the balls to directly contrdict some of the things I say so you don't acknowledge them. I like how you think you're so tough for posting what someone said to you in an email on your blog so your pansy-ass friends can take shots at me. You want the "troll" that is me to go away from those like you? Quit trying to proselytize others into following your despotic ambitions. Think about who the real fucking flamer is."

doltz is a good name for him....

apparently someone needs to look up the definition of a troll.

Thank you for telling me where you got my email though.

Have a nice day Billy.

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