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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anna Kennedy on AoA

Anna Kennedy has written a very fine article on her fight to her son's special education, which was posted on (Surprise!) AoA. I am pleased, because it is a positive-attitude mother who demonstrates strength and determination to ensure that her sons have a high quality education and life, without the dramatic flair that I have often found on AoA. In short, an inspirational piece on making a difference.



  1. Hi Corina! I think it is an excellent article as well-very unusual for AoA to post. I found it inspiring.

  2. That's because Mr. Gluyas does not tolerate rudeness on his blog. However, I'm going to give you the opportunity to explain your words. So please be civil, as being rude does nothing to argue your case, Mr. Best.

    So with what you said above:
    1. Do you think that all girls are stupid, or are you just saying that you think I'm stupid?

    2. Deal with what? You're not too clear about that.

    3. How old do you think I am, and how old are you, sir?

  3. Dear Mr. Best,
    please do not avoid the question; I wish to hear your answer in your own words, not speculate what your answer would be. So please humour me and answer the question.

  4. Okay then, Mr. Best, since you seem to not understand, I'll break the question down further for you: do you think that all females are stupid?

    Also, if I have no brain, how do you suppose I got a university degree, never mind a high school diploma?

    And finally, as you've pointed out, I am 24-years old. You, as a 50-60 year old man, should be well aware that I am therefore considered an adult and cannot be called a girl, no matter what our age difference. So please, address me as a woman, not as a child.

  5. I refuse to make assumptions of other people, optimistically believing that they can tell me what they actually thinking. Since you are an adult of apparent intelligence, you are capable of explaining yourself, are you not? Or are you going to rely on the mystical psychic abilities of others to speak for you?

    After all, since you insist that I and others like me do not speak for your son, that you would not like us to speak for you.

    Also, personal attacks and insults are not explaining yourself and is considered trollish behaviour. Please conduct yourself in a mature and adult manner.

    Finally, who are those that you respect, and how exactly do they "show respect"?

  6. Corina gives respect to those who deserve it, Best. You have demonstrated quite well that you deserve no respect, because you show no respect to anyone who opposes your views and has the right to do so under your precious first amendment.

    And you can not be respected when you duck questions that are put to you.

  7. Best

    Actually, Corina is showing you respect.

    1. Corina addresses you by your title "Mr." This is how you're supposed to address your elders.

    2. She does not curse or use profanity towards you.

    3. Corina has been nice to you best and has been very civil towards you.

    4. I can be alot worse than Cornia has ever been.

    5. I'm going to give you a biblical quote. "He who hath not sinned, cast the first stone. " This means you're not perfect yourself Best.

    I'm not perfect as well, Best. I've sinned. I can be a very prideful person. I almost let my anger consume me. I almost became another version of you to try to stop you.

    I hated you Best and that was wrong for me to do. For that, I am sorry.

    I don't hate you as an individual but I hate your drunkeness, your gambling, your cheating and possibly abusing your wife. I hate what you have done with your son. I hate your narcisstic ways Best. I hate that you made threatening phone calls to people.

    Finally, I hate the fact that you put your own ego and your own pride over your family's safety by putting your home address and your telephone number on your website. I do not hate you as a fellow human being because I have my own flaws as well. For example, I have my own ego and pride too which I hate. Again, I do not hate you Mr. Best.

  8. Best, you are the one who hates. Stop spreading it around like a disease. We demand the right to reject your hate. Cube Demon's brain is not damaged - it is different.

  9. I believe the truth because I've done the research. You haven't. My brain is not damaged and neither is Cube Demon's. But of course you don't believe that because you believe in the concept of "normal" when there's no such thing. You are anti diversity across the board - and that makes you the most deluded person around and feeds your hate.

  10. I would remind both Mr. Gluyas and Mr. Best to please keep things civil here. I would like to avoid having to moderate comments posted as I feel it would discourage an open conversation.

    However, I will point out that to Mr. Best that he does himself a disservice by not properly answering my question, and to please do so in a mature manner as to give yourself credit to your arguments. Since Mr. Best insists that I and others like me do not speak for "true" autistics, I would have thought that he would like the opportunity to speak and answer in his own words.

    I will repeat the questions:

    do you think that all females are stupid?

    who are those that you respect, and how exactly do they "show respect"?

    Please remember that personal comments upon my character and attempts to insult me does nothing to strengthen your position.

  11. He lied, Corina. He does think all females are stupid. He respects female horses (Rachel, Mom, Dodie and Go For), and jockeys (Abigail and Marianne - spell it right, Best). See what he's doing? So much for maturity.

    Sex with dogs is not diversity incidentally, Best. That's an illegal and disgusting act. And Go for Wand didn't know any better because that's how the poor horse was trained. If the vets didn't put her down that would have been cruel.

  12. Best

    Corina meant Homo Sapien Sapien Females(Human) not females of other species.

    I will repeat the questions that Corina asked but with qualifiers. If you want to play word games I can play word games as well Best.

    Do you think that all Human(Homo Sapien Sapien)-females are stupid?

    who are the Human Females(Homo Sapien Sapien)that you respect, and how exactly do they "show respect"?

    Best, with the qualifiers I added to Corina's questions answer the questions now.

    Best, I made it so concrete that you can't do any word games anymore.

  13. Cube Demon, for the second question, I mean, Who are the humans (Homo Sapien Sapien) that Mr. Best respects?

  14. I will remind Mr. Best, once again, that name-calling and insults does not give you credit and makes you appear rather childish.
    Also, it has taken you, Mr. Best, at least six comments to answer that question. Please answer the questions properly, in sentence, and in a mature manner.
    Unless, of course, you would rather I assume that you have no problem with someone else speaking for you. However, given the enthusiasm of your blog, I rather doubt that.

    So, you have replied that there are human females that you respect.

    Please answer this then:
    Do you think that all human (homo sapien sapien) females are stupid?

  15. Neglecting children? Practice what your preach, Best! And if you try to cure what can't be cured - that's disgusting (illegality depends on the content of the action). Autism can not be cured because it is genetic in origin. You're on the Spectrum - and I can see it in your eyes. Watch them move in his videos, Corina. It's not obvious, but if you look close enough......


    And his fixation is horses and gambling just to prove it.

    (Note - I'm trying to keep this as civil as I can per your request, Corina - and note that he ducked your question by going to an example of a horse that was not determined, but hurt and out of control)

  16. Mr. Best, please answer the question. It does you disservice by playing these sort of avoidance games.

    Also, it appears that you have not bothered to even listen properly to what Neurodiversity autistics such as myself have been trying to tell you. Your image of Neurodiversity is flawed. You would realize this if you would read my mission statement. For your benefit, I will repost it:
    Neurodiversity is about accepting that there is no normal human brain, that being different is okay, and to work together to discover how we all can participate to the best of our abilities in our lives.

    We are optimistic that with the proper supports and accommodations, positive attitudes, acceptance, inclusion and encouragement, that every (autistic) person is able to communicate, interact and contribute to society while meeting individual needs and respecting one's sense of self and personal rights.

    This means, Mr. Best, in doing what you state that Neurodiversity does not; in not accepting defeat and working to use our strengths to overcome our disabilities.

    This means, Mr. Best, that in reality, the only point of conflict that you have with Neurodiversity is the fact that we do not believe that autism is caused by mercury poisoning.

    Now please, be reasonable, civil and mature, and answer my question.

    Do you think that all human (homo sapien sapien) females are stupid?

  17. Mr. Best, I have read your blog enough to understand your opinions concerning Frank Klein and Judy Singer. However, I have not met, nor have I been taught or formed my views and opinions based on anything that Frank Klein or Judy Singer has developed. Also, I have no hidden agenda.

    As to your spreading of this information; as an equal rights activist, an academic and as a Christian, I will not tolerate the spreading of pain, hatred and misinformation on my blog.

    You also seem to misunderstand, Mr. Best; it is not I who is under questioning here. You have posted on my blog and I have asked you to expand and explain yourself. The appropriate response would be to reply honestly.

    As an adult, you should have the pride and honor to stand up and speak up for what you believe in and the bravery to answer the questions about your views, especially to those whom you address in your views.

    However, so far, Mr. Best, you have failed to demonstrate that you are a mature and responsible adult and have insisted on playing childish games in the guise of your "little quiz".

    So to be blunt, Mr. Best, please act your age and answer the following question in a civil manner:

    Do you think that all human (homo sapien sapien) females are stupid?

  18. Corina, I don't know about you, but I think he's had enough chances.

    You said above; "Unless, of course, you would rather I assume that you have no problem with someone else speaking for you."

    I put it to you that his failure to answer your perfectly simple question means that he doesn't have a problem with anyone speaking for him. So with that in mind;

    "Do you think that all human (homo sapien sapien) females are stupid?"


    (This will teach you to play politics with a female who is clearly a lot smarter than you will ever be, Best! She got you and deep down you know it)

  19. My apologies, Mr. Best; I had assumed that you were an intelligent person capable of answering for yourself.

    I believe, Mr. Best, in allowing people who are perfectly capable of answering for themselves to, well, answer for themselves. This is why I would rather not approach Mr. Ne'eman about matters concerning you, as I know your views concerning him. Since you state that you object to what Mr. Ne'eman has to say, and has stated outright that Mr. Ne'eman does not represent you or your son, I thought that you would take the chance to speak for yourself.

    However, since you have avoided answering the question directly and have referred to the views of others to answer the question, I am lead to the conclusion that you actually would rather not speak for yourself and would rather rely on others, even those you deem as polar opposites to yourself, to speak for you.

    Which would mean that I will allow Mr. Gluyas here to speak for you. Given your history, I rather doubt that you would be pleased about that.

    So then, please be a responsible, mature and civil adult of apparent intelligence, and answer my question:

    Do you think that all human (homo sapien sapien) females are stupid?

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. You didn't answer the question, Best. So the answer I gave on your behalf stands - because all the hints you said yourself you dropped proved it CORRECT. And all you can do is lie about me - after all, it's your only defence and a poor one at that. Truth is - I scare the dickens out of you because I AM intelligent. Certainly intelligent enough to know when to give a straight answer to a straight question like Corina's.

  22. Mr. Best, I refuse to play a guess game with you. It is childish and insults your intelligence. Also, it has been pointed out to me that the question needed some refining to be specific. You have not answered that question.

    Mr. Best, a single word such as "no" is not an answer. It does not expand and explain your position or views, and leaves much up to interpretation. Therefore, unless you do answer the question in a complete sentence, you have not answered the question.

    So, unless you want other people, not just Mr. Gluyas here, to answer for you, I suggest you comply, be a civil, mature and responsible adult, and answer the question:

    Do you think that all human (homo sapien sapien) females are stupid?

  23. Hey Corina! Beasty Boy isn't able to be "civil, mature and responsible"! It's not in him because he sees you, Phil and anyone else who objects to his dunny can info as inferior. He's a flaming dip!

  24. HA! Nice one, Craig!

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. No, Best, the object of the exercise is for you to answer a straight forward question in a "civil, mature and responsible" manner. Which you have not done and refuse to do.

    Therefore, my answer on your behalf (seeing as you won't speak for yourself on the matter) stands as correct.

  27. I request that Mr. Craig, although I appreciate your support, please remain civil on my blog. Thank you very much.

    And as Mr. Gluyas has pointed out, this is not a game, Mr. Best, nor is it any sort of exercise. This, Mr. Best, is your opportunity to speak for yourself and explain your own words.

    So far, Mr. Best, you have avoided taking responsibility for your actions, your views and your words, instead referring to others and attempting to make a farce out of any decent discussion. Your wording has been deceitful, your understanding is lacking and your reasoning is morally flawed.

    If you truly wish to enlighten me, Mr. Best, then I suggest you start acting like an adult and answer the following question in a straightforward, complete sentence:

    Do you think that all human (homo sapien sapien) females are stupid?

  28. Very well, Mr. Best, since you are so reluctant to make a clear statement and have refused to be a responsible adult in this discussion, I hereby declare this discussion closed.

    All comments have been recorded and documented, and Mr. Best's have been removed as containing insulting and hateful language.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day.

  29. Craig is like that, Corina. He has what I call an "ocker Aussie" sense of humour. Think Steve Irwin in a few ways (RIP). And Craig's his first name by the way - his surname is Neill. FYI.

    Oh, and I might need those comments at some point in the next month or so. You're a member of my forum so we can discuss that there where Best can't see it.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Thank you, Mr. Gluyas, for clearing that up for me. Am I reading this right, Neill with two L's? or Neil with one L?

    Mr. Best, it is neither. It is eyeliner art for when I go clubbing at a Goth club. I don't need "crib notes" to take my university exams. With my proper accommodations, I am able to take my exams just fine, thank you.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. No, Mr. Best, I do not have an aid. I have extra time to write my exams so that I can think my answers through properly and I use a computer in a specially designed computer lab where the computers are in a lock-down mode, meaning that it cannot access a network and only has assistive technology on it. I do all the thinking myself; that is what university teaches: individual thinking skills, as well as providing more advanced information.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Because, Mr. Best, this is not about me answering the question, but YOU answering the question, which you did not do.

    It was not an intellectual exercise or any sort of game that you may try to excuse it as. This was you failing to answer my question, and doing so in an immature and irresponsible manner.

  36. Neill with two "L"'s, Corina.

    Is Best still playing politics? He'll never learn, you know. That's why he's so easy to discredit. He's like a cracked record and no B side.

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Mr. Best, given your lack of basic understanding of basic concepts and lingual skills, common decency and immature behaviour, it is not my intelligence that is currently being found lacking.

    Also, all of your comments from this point on are going to be documented, and thereafter deleted as containing hateful language, especially when attempts to reach a decent conversation with you have proved that you are unable to do so.

    Have a nice day, Mr. Best.

  39. Corina it might be an idea to keep an eye on Best's blog. Now that you've banned him in effect from here he'll likely have a whine about it over there.

  40. I haven't really banned Mr. Best; however, Mr. Best has persisted in not behaving in a polite manner that is usual for "normal" society, and so his comments of such nature are deleted. If he corrects his behaviour, then his comments will not be deleted. Whether he changes is up to him.

    Thanks, Mr. Gluyas; I already do keep an eye on his blog though.

  41. My pleasure, Corina - and as a member of my website I think you are worth nominating for Member of the Month because of the way you have handled Best here. Would love to see you in there and looking in on the Aspergers area.

  42. Aw, thank you kindly. I should really actually look around the site, huh?

  43. Yep! Given that the nomination has to be accepted by you to get through and you need to do it there (it's in the General chat area above the Aspergers section at the top of that main category).


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