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Self-Advocate or Activist?

I prefer the term Autistic activist, or advocate.  I am not a self-advocate, not on this blog, not in public like this.

In my opinion, self-advocacy is asking for a glass of water. Self advocacy is when I'm asking for supports on my own behalf, just for myself.  It's when I go into my school, and ask for my documented accommodations, using medical documents and medical language for a medical construct of disability.

This is not what I do here.  I am not asking for my human rights; I am demanding them, not only for myself, but for the rest of my community.  This is not about ME, this is about my fellow autistic and disabled people, both now and in the future, and making sure their rights are respected.

Please respect my decision, and refrain from referring to me as a self-advocate.  Instead, please refer to me as an Autistic advocate or activist.

Thank you.