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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Perspectives Anthology

I'm pleased to announce that the Perspectives Anthology: Poetry Concerning Autism and Other Disabilities is now available through Lulu.com.  The anthology is part of the Bards Initiative, in partnership with the Local Gems Press, which has this to say about the book: 
With poetry from over 50 poets, the Perspectives Anthology through the art of poetry, conveys different points of view or perspectives concerning the autism spectrum and other neurological, psychological, social, and communicative disabilities. The poems in this volume are from those with disabilities, by those with disabilities, about those with disabilities, as well as from the point of views of family and friends of those affected. Perspectives hopes that its poetry will convey not only understanding, but unity, and a sense that despite different perspectives and different ways of living life, we are all human. (source)

 Of course, while I very pleased with the project and anthology, I do have to disclose my own other interests in promoting it: I do have three poems in the anthology, looking at expressing the emotions of being autistic and disabled in the greater community. I do not, however, receive any compensation for any profits made from the book.

I submitted my work to the anthology because I agree with the mission of the project and felt that I could contribute my voice through my poetry.  From the reviews coming in about the anthology, it seems that we have accomplished our goal in creating a book illustrating the perspectives of people in the autism community, from autistics to parents and caregivers, in how we truly feel about ourselves and our place within the community.

Now we just need to spread our words to the world, and you can help by ordering a copy yourself.  Maybe after you've read it, you can donate it to a local library so that others can read it as well. 

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