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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day to Vote, the Big Push!!

from the email sent out by AWN
I was notified only moments ago that approximately 150 contestants in the Pepsi Refresh Contest have banned together & decided to make a last minute run for a spot as a finalist in the Top 100 so they can be carried over to next month's Pepsi Grant Contest. This means that 150 people have formed an alliance ...to get into the Top 100 and boot Autism Women's Network along with other Top 100 contestants OUT!!!

Please VOTE now if you haven't cast your daily vote today!! This contest is not over until midnight!!

I am asking that all of our supporters tweet, facebook and network everywhere throughout the afternoon & tonight - requesting our friends, and followers to cast their final August VOTE for us now. If not, AWN can very easily find ourselves out of the TOP 100 by midnight. We already dropped to #67 in the past 30 minutes!


(disclaimer: Corina is Director of Networking for the Autism Women's Network)


  1. I tried to vote... apparently it worked... I hope... I just saw you were on 66th position... It's better

  2. Thanks, a lot of people have been working very hard to get us and keep us in the competition.

    We have a plan for next month to profile an autistic woman everyday for the entire month.


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