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Monday, September 27, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Julie of Julie Jabbers recently received the Versatile Blogger Award, and passed it onto seven bloggers, including Big Daddy Autism. He, in turn, passed it on to Kathleen at AutismHerd. And then she has passed it onto me!!! Specifically, this blog.

And as part of the rules, I have to share seven unknown things about myself and pass it along to seven more bloggers.

  1. I am technically published in Scotland. In 2007, I studied at the Scottish Universities' International Summer School in Creative Writing, and wrote a non-fiction piece about my childhood that was published in their 2006-2007 publication.
  2. I hate red-coloured candy. Not only does it not taste good, but I get migraine headaches from them too.
  3. I dislike initiating phone calls, especially to strangers. I prefer to call places after hours and leave a message on the message machine.
  4. I like dressing up and can even imagine writing zombie and scary movies, but I can't watch them.
  5. I am either the best or worse procrastinator you'll ever meet. I can procrastinate at procrastinating at procrastinating to procrastinate.
  6. When watching a TV/anime series, I will not finish it at night. Because I get depressed that the series is over in my head. I will actually put off finishing a series because I don't want it to end in my head.
  7. I have, on occasion, out-geeked my geeky boyfriend. With references to stuff I haven't even watched or played.
  8. EXTRA!!!! I like to hug grumpy cats when they're trying to sleep. (yes, it is my fault if I get bit or scratched)

Really? Seven bloggers? Do I really have to? Sigh, okay, let's see....
  1. Mama Be Good
  2. Genderbitch
  3. Cracked Mirror in Shalott
  4. Abnormaldiversity
  5. Neuroskeptic
  6. Autist's Corner
  7. Comet's Corner
Ta-Da!!! I found seven bloggers.

Now the question is whether or not they notice......



  1. Hi Corina-I'm so glad you did this..I do think your blog is wonderful..:) I see that we shars a dislike of candies..although mine is green. You are the second person this week to tell me that they didn't eat red..oh and the phone-I have the same trick! I love to call and leave a message..:) I love old time horror movies like from Hammer..problem is-I will watch them with people..and then later when I am alone..my imagination gets to me..there is an irrational part of me that believes that monsters do indeed exist..*sigh*
    Thanks for the blog list-there are a couple I didn't know-and I look forward to checking them out. :)

  2. I used to do that. There's some scary movies I can watch; some of the ones with a resemblance of plot that's not all "omg, there's a monster around the corner" and when it's somewhere that I don't really associate as being real. Stuff that looks kinda like it came from a dark-super-hero comic book. With vampires and such....
    If it's animated, actually, I can watch pretty much anything, but live action, no. My imagination creeps up on me at night.

    And yes!!! when I'm at my parents, I remember all my childhood fears of monsters in the closet and under the bed, and react like I'm still a kid.

    As for the blogs, versatile maaaay be a stretch, but they cover different topics, and I thought they needed a shout out.

  3. Um, I gave you the same award, but did it over on http://embracingchaos.stephanieallencrist.com/ because I've sorta closed my own. Thanks for the award!

  4. OH, thank you, dear! I love your blog AND your contributions on TPGA. I can't watch horror movies, either!
    ((thanks so much for the shout-out. You're a love))

  5. @ Clay, ooops.... oh well, you got it twice!!!
    Kinda shows you how close-knitted we all are!

    @Brenda awwwww, you're welcome!

  6. Hey, thanks! It means a lot to me that you like my writing, since I admired so much of yours when we were writing for Here Be Dragons together.

    (I also hate initiating phone calls, you're not alone in that).

  7. Okay, now it's official. I wrote a new blog to celebrate my award, and yours (from me) is listed there.

  8. 7 bloggers... me? really? :D :D :D

  9. Corina,

    My husband and two of my children can't eat red candies either. It's the Red-40 dye they put in it to make it red (which is in more than just candies). It makes them hyper, and then it gives them headaches.

    I'm torn about the endings, though. I feel compelled to watch/read a series in its entirety, but I agree about not wanting it to end.

  10. Hi there visiting via Autismherd! Cool list! It's amazing how many of us procrastinate about making those phone calls!

    xx Jazzy


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