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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Repair Kat's Wheelchair

Kat, an autistic woman in a wheelchair, needs help to repair her wheelchair.

Quoting from her facebook:

I need help. The literal kind, the figurative kind. I don’t know if this is about to offend people but, my wheelchair was damaged by the man that tried to kill me. I have asked for help from local charities and the answer is “Not unless you move into a nursing home.” I am 25, I am able to live, and I need help not to be locked away. I need 500 dollars to cover the cost of batteries and the parts needed. I admit I cannot ever repay anyone who helps me, nor can I ever express the gratitude that I feel at even feeling that I can ask for help. This is my chance to get my freedom back. That or I have to wait for four more years for a new wheelchair. (From her facebook)

So please donate!!


  1. Hi. I came across your site from a Google alert for the search "wheelchair" as I am looking for blogroll link exchanges on this topic. (Where I link to your site/blog and you link to mine.) For my current exchanges, to view my blog, or contact me if you're interested please visit http://oh-4.com/blog .

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.


    PS if this is truly legit, I'd gladly help out.

  2. How can you get a widget? I just started my own blog and I'd like to add one to my page. I can't donate because I have no PayPal account, no income of my own, and no credit card. But if I have a widget on my page, it'll make a difference. My traffic is pretty good so far. Five new commentators and two followers already!

  3. Hi Jeff, welcome!
    You're looking for links for the topic "wheelchair"? Hmmm.... while I'm interested in disabilities and civil rights, wheelchairs aren't my specialty. However, and this is sort of fitting, the woman whom this fundraiser is about has a blog that might be more suitable for a blogroll about wheelchairs.


    And yeah, it's legit.

    @SBWG, if you look at the widget above, there's a little tab that says "copy". Clicking that tab gets you the html to post it on your site :D

    I've seen your blog, btw. Looks awesome!

  4. I just added the widget here: http://generationyidealism.blogspot.com/2009/09/donate-money-to-repair-kats-wheelchair.html. And now I'm going to check out her blog.

  5. Hi, thanks for posting. if there is someone who will sponsor or donate for your wheelchair repair it is much better. there are many institution raising funds for that.


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