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Monday, September 7, 2009

Code of Conduct

In latest posts, it has come to my attention that I need to post a Code of Conduct on this blog. This is so that everyone who wishes to comment knows the reasons why I allow some posts and delete others.

In kindergarten, I learned what was called "the Golden Rule", which I have kept in mind my entire life: "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You".

Basically, you want people to treat you politely, treat you with respect, then you treat people politely and with respect. Set the example. Be a role model. Because people do notice behaviour, especially children. If you're the exception, well, as Mahatma Gandhi put it, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Keeping these words in mind, I have created my Code of Conduct.

  1. Be Polite: No insults, hateful speech, implied threats or remotely "trollish" behaviour will be tolerated. Violators of this rule will be reminded of this and will have one week to correct their behaviour and conduct themselves properly. At the end of the week or time of correction, whatever comes first, all posts violating this rule will be documented and deleted.
  2. Stay On Topic: I will not allow extensive tangents from the original topic. In the case of a large discussion occurring, I ask that the discussion please relate to the entry under which it has started, or that the discussion be moved to some where else. In the event where it is a discussion that cannot be moved to some where else, I will allow it to remain on my blog. However, I will not tolerate avoidance and/or guessing games in attempts to appear smarter while not answering or continuing the discussion in a civil and reasonably mature manner. Violations of this rule follow the same as above: one week to correct behaviour before removal of all comments from the blog.
  3. No Spamming: While I allow citations and quotations in discussions, they must be properly worked in and properly linked to reliable resources. I will not tolerate posts that are just links and which are not cited. I will allow rough citation methods. Posts violating this rule will be deleted without warning.

I should note that all violations of these rules will be documented the moment that I discover them.

I ask that all posting members to follow these rules so that I do not have to invoke comment-approval moderation onto this blog, as I believe that enforcing a sense of censorship discourages discussion.

I do not reject opposing opinions to my own; however, posting those opinions on this blog is very likely to prompt an attempt to discussion with me. Even if it just results in agreeing to disagree, we can do so politely and without hostility.

Any questions?


  1. Good idea that you are documenting the posts after a week under the BE POLITE rule.

  2. I have some questions and a comment.

    1. Comment: If you want to obtain respect than I need to give respect. I've misunderstood this phrase most of my life. I actually thought it meant that if someone shows respect to me I show them respect back and if they don't show respect to me I do not show respect back.

    Bascially, it means I need to be the better person no matter if someone is disrespecting me or not. I never knew that.

    2. Staying on topic: I have a tendency to go out into left field sometimes meaning I think I'm on topic but to most people I am not.

    For instance, someone could ask me why are you not good at planning things. I will answer this way. "How am I supposed to plan anything when there are many different types of particles, elements, compounds, and sub-atomic particles that can be arranged in many different permutations or combinations?

    The basic unit of time right now is planck time and these particles can be arranged in many different ways to make up alternate timelines. In these different timelines with the same year, month, day, hour, sec, ... planck time I could do many different possible things. "

    People will think I'm going off topic but I am not. Timelord could attest to this.

    3. When you want us to cite or quote sources do you want us to use the MLA style or the APA style? Is their a particular quoting style you want us to use?

  3. 1. About comment: I guess it's a difference of where and how it's taught. I was taught it in Kindergarten and in Sunday school. I also come from a Mennonite background, which may have also had something to do with it.

    But it's a lot harder to be "the better person", I think it's called. It takes a lot of strength.
    All I ask is that you do your best and be honest when you're having trouble doing so.

    2. Huh, but that makes perfect sense to me.

    Also, I think my Dad has slightly regretted the day he introduced me to what I know as "imaginary time".

    If I think that people are going off topic, I'll ask and remind people not to tangent too much. I'll allow minor off topic-ness, if it's somehow related to the post. I'm pretty flexible with what can be considered related though.

    Also, I'll keep this in mind for you, and if I'm confused as to how your comments relate, then I'll ask for clarification. Sounds good?

    It's mainly directed at off topics that are REALLY off topic, like the post is about sign language (just an example) and there's a huge discussion on the flavors of cheese. A discussion on sign language for different types of cheese is on topic; just the flavour of cheese is not.

    3. As an English major, I prefer MLA style, however, I'm not picky (I still haven't picked up the 7th Ed Style guide yet). Mainly because I understand that not everyone has style guides, handbooks and knows how to use them. So while I highly recommend, I don't require specifics.

    By rough citation methods, I mean that they can just be "I found this information here on this site and this person said this" with a working link to the appropriate information.

    However, if you want to go proper citation style, go for it. I do it on my youtube videos for the music I use.

  4. 1. I understand what you mean. I had to back off of JBJr. Everytime I spoke to Best I became angry. I started hating him and I was going down the road of becoming like him. The truth is I cannot hate the man but the wrong things he does.

    2. Yes, it sounds good to me. I will explain if you ask for clarification.

    3. I understand. I was just wondering what you were saying and requiring. Your rough citation is easy to do and I can do that.

    4. If you do not mind I would love to know more about your Mennonite background and how they would generally treat an ASD person. This can be another topic or something like that.

  5. Corina, sorry for going off of topic

    I just looked up imaginary time. It's what I imagined time to be. Time is 2 dimensional. The y axis on the complex plane represents alternate timelines IMHO.

    I think I may think the way Stephen Hawking does but my social skills are terrible.

  6. 1. Yeah, I understand that. What was the saying, "hate the sin, not the sinner"?

    2 and 3: :D

    4. I don't mind explaining what I know and understand, just as long as you understand that a) I'm from a Mennonite family, but I haven't grown up in a Mennonite church or community, and b) there are at least 21 different sects of Mennonites, each with it's own cultural differences. However, each follows the teachings of Menno Simons.

    Now, given that there are quite a few ASD traits in my family on both sides, and we are pretty sure that my uncle is aspie, plus the records of family history, I suspect that there are more ASD people in the Mennonite and Amish communities than people think.
    And I think that I might be able to account for why ASD people are less likely to stand out in the communities.
    Throughout Mennonite history, we have developed a strong sense of community (and often plain distrust of outsiders). In some cases, there is also very plain and strict social rules. So I suspect that it's easier to function socially, and as long as someone doesn't disrupt the community, eccentric quirks are tolerated.

    It's my opinion though. Doing any sort of studies on Mennonite and Amish groups is a bit tough, since most don't talk about personal life with outsiders.

    Yeah, Dad was trying to explain to us stuff out of Stephen Hawking's book. I've never actually tried reading his stuff. I just kind of took the concept and starting thinking.

    And don't worry about social skills; many NT's that I've met have terrible social skills, in that they are rude and don't really communicate very well, or are considerate at all. In other words, they don't socialize well.

  7. Thank you Cube Demon and Corina for clarifying the operational definition of 'respect' on this blog, and hopefully in real life.

    I always understood that time was 3-dimensional (or maybe even 4 dimensions). And I thought that it could go in a circle, as well as being linear. Look at the regularity of our seasons and the activities within them.

    We have three style guides around here. The Harvard, the Washington, and the author-date, or whatever their proper names are.

    The saying is: 'Hate the sin, love the sinner'. At least that is how I have heard it.

    Cube Demon, you have such great perspectives/definitions on your blog.

    The Mennonite history is very interesting. I'll have to find out a lot about it. 21 sects! Are they spread out all over the world?

    I still haven't looked at A Brief History of Time. I have read Stephen and Lucy Hawking's books about George and the secret of the universe. Great words, great pictures. I like Annie and the pig in the beginning, and then I like the way they go into the universe together on Eric's supercomputer.

    I find that Wolfram Alpha clarifies the concepts in physics that I don't really know about, and puts them into statistics.

  8. Corina, tell me more about the Mennonites and the amish? Do they really shun technology?

    Here is another aspie woman who has dealt with the amish as well. http://sheilaschoonmaker.com/?s=amish

    Sheila says she was treated well by the amish.

  9. You're welcome Adelaide.

    I can't really join in a discussion on time, since it's not really my field. Imagination and writing, however, that's my field.

    We're spread out all over the world, yes. Part of this comes from our early history, when we were persecuted for our beliefs, and so sought out places where we could practice in relative peace. For example, my group, known as Russian Mennonites, moved to the Ukraine by invitation of Catherine the Great. We lived there until the Soviet Revolution. Well, there's still some of us in the Ukraine, but a lot of us moved to Germany, Canada and the US to avoid being sent to work camps.

    I know that there's at least 21 sects because there's about 21 different Mennonite churches surrounding the Mennonite college in Indiana that both my mother and my grandmother went to. I considered going there, but decided on a university a little more closer to home with family in the area and was able to dorm at the Mennonite university college on the university next door.

    Cube Demon, I can tell you as much as I know. I can't really be that reliable about the other groups, but I have books on my own family history.

    Not all shun technology. It's one of those cultural differences based on different interpretations of "Live simply". Technology such as farming equipment is sort of one of those grey areas too, since, well, we farm.
    But yeah, different groups will have different opinions on that, sort of our own spectrum. For example, in my house, we have about five computers. Some of my relatives in Germany have maybe a hair dryer and a radio and no TV.

    Sheila lives fairly close to an Amish community, it sounds like. Like I said, we have a strong sense of community, and that sense of community often spreads to the local people living near us.

    However, from years of persecution, I think some communities are instinctively suspicious when someone comes specifically asking questions.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. I'm sorry, davidbaer, but what does marketing and selling things have to do with my code of conduct? Perhaps you can reword your comment, please?

  12. It has been a week, and no reply from davidbaer. Not only is the content of the comment suspicious, but I'm finding that the entire account to be suspicious.

    Therefore, on account of not being on topic, and on account of spam, I hereby am removing the comment.


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