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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Goal is in Sight

We're 63% towards raising the money for my educational iPad.  That's $395, meaning $224 more to go!!!

If a lot of people donated even just $10 each, it would be fantastic!!  Or just shared this around to reach more people!

One thing that I'm looking into is the iPad Mini.  While it's cheaper than a full iPad, I have my doubts about it's size being suitable for my dexterity. I think that I'm still going to find a full iPad to suit my needs, and even full sized, much more portable than a laptop. However, I have to at least give it a chance and test it out.

For organizational sake, here is my history and experience with assistive devices plus my reasoning behind getting an iPad, and here is a list of the types of apps I plan to get for my iPad to use at school.

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