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Sunday, September 23, 2012

My New Store PearlGarden on Etsy!

I'm not very good at advertising and selling myself, skills needed to apply for jobs.  However, I do try my best.

Some time ago, I decided to start wearing a medical ID bracelet.  I looked into services such as MedicAlert, but found that for their services, it was too expensive for someone like me who has a very limited budget.  Plus, being Canadian with a health care system that's becoming networked, I didn't think that I needed all of the services provided.

What I am concerned about is not the information doctors and nurses need once I get to the hospital; that information is available via my health card and medical records.  What I was worried about is information that paramedics might need should I be unable to respond, either through injury or shock.  Things like what medications I'm on, and conditions like asthma and my chronic anemia.

Which means is that what I really need is a bracelet and tag that has any immediate information that paramedics need.  Friends on Twitter pointed me to very lovely stores selling medical bracelets online.

I bought a few bracelets, at least $50 each, as well as tags, and while lovely, I felt uneasy about wearing them all the time.  Some of them are not suitable for day to day activities and broke rather easily.  Not waiting to pay additional fees for something I thought I could fix myself, I decided to do it myself.

Along the way, I discovered a delight in designing and creating my own bracelets. Not only what I made was beautiful, but I also made them to be strong and durable.  And I really wanted to keep making bracelets.  But what would I do with all of them that I had made?

So I decided to open a store on Etsy, and to celebrate, I'm offering 25%!!

click image to go to store
 Take a look, and if you decide to buy something, be sure to use the coupon code FALLOP2012 for 25% off! 

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