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Monday, November 15, 2010

Preservating for Causes

While I'm pretty sure it can be annoying in some situations, preservating and being stubborn or determined can have some benefits.  One being keeping at competing in contests for a long time, such as how the Autism Women's Network has kept in the Pepsi Refresh contest for so long

Yes, I blogged about this some time ago; however, AWN did not make the top ten then, but since then has kept in the top 100 and kept in the running.

This month, AWN started at rank #5, and has slipped to #12.  With the combined help and voting of the community, we can get back up into the top ten and finally be able to run the workshops and programs that this funding hinges on.

As a reminder of what AWN is planning to do with the money, here's the project profile on the Pepsi site.

The Autism Women's Network is unique in that it was founded by women on the autism spectrum. Our mission is to provide effective supports to autistic females of all ages through a sense of community, advocacy, and resources.

AWN's Project FAIM (Female Autistic Insight Mentoring) workshops will be the 1st of its kind.

We plan to set up 5 Project FAIM Workshops across the USA which will focus on qualities specific to females on the autism spectrum. Topics will include: peer supports, adolescence, adult life, relationships, vulnerabilities and successful communications.

Project FAIM Workshops will include active supports and information for everyone (autistics, parents, educators, etc.)

The participants will meet renowned autistic females whereby gaining valuable insight.

We will secure the Autism Women's Network non-profit status so we can continue to provide Community Events, online Forum support & E-Mentoring as well as our AWN Radio Show.

Please help us to continue to support Autistic females who may not have access to supports and accommodations otherwise.  The workshops may be a small step towards a greater change and difference in many women's lives.

Thank you very much.

(Please pardon the decreased quality of my writing in this post; I am having some communication difficulties today)

(Disclosure: Corina Becker is the Director of Networking for the Autism Women's Network.  However, all opinions and views expressed on this site are solely the property of Corina Becker and does not reflect the official view of AWN and other organizations unless specifically stated. )


  1. Not to be annoying, but I assume you meant "perseverating"?

  2. Yeah, I'm just having an argument with the dictionary and the auto-correct on my computer... according to it, "perseverating" isn't a real word... sigh... words.

    Once I get the bugs it in worked out, I'll fix it.

  3. Didn't find the time to ask how to vote a second time and now it's too late.


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