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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Addressing Criticism for Autistics Speaking

Okay, there have been quite a few criticisms for Autistics Speaking Day.  I would like to be blunt and address these:

1) this event is about autism awareness.  Yes, it is a response to the Communication Shutdown, and counters it, but the ultimate goal is Autism awareness by providing autistic people a united opportunity to share experiences. By whatever method of communication possible.

2) there is no donation goal.  Yes, people have suggested alternative organizations and things to donate instead of Communication Shutdown, but that is individual.  On a whole, the purpose is about raising awareness.

3) Just because someone is doing something with good intentions doesn't make our feelings invalid.  We don't like Communication Shutdown for reasons stated in the information.  As autistic persons, we are completely justified in having an opinion on what's being said about us, and have a right to be involved in all matters that relate to us.
Thus, if we are upset by something, we have the right to do something about it.

4) we have never stated there is a limit on ability level for participants.  It's rather presumptuous to assume that everyone taking part is of the same "ability" level. 


  1. It's interesting that you'd get criticism for wanting to express yourself, don't you think? Real interest in awareness of what autistic individuals' lives are like would not involve marginalizing them nor criticizing them for pointing out quite rightly that there is nothing in neurotypicals shunning social media that approximates the autistic experience. That's tantamount to suggesting that folks should sit on their bums all day to get a feel for what people in wheelchairs experience.

  2. The Communication Shutdown event is a mile of Adopt-a-Highway on the proverbial road to Hell paved with good intentions.
    I hope that what happens is that as many as possible of the participants in the Communication Shutdown learn how so many of us feel about it (including those of us who communicate via AAC), and start to rethink what it means to be a true ally.

  3. Communication Shutdown Day should really be called Isolation Shut-Up Day

  4. Oh it's November the 1st is it? well it's the same November the 1st it was going to be, same as any Monday, I don't do one off special days or anti days either I just do what I do and ignore all the hype, after all it was a new day yesterday but it's an old day now.


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