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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please support Zakh

I want to stress this issue more. Zakh is an 11 year old autistic boy who is being charged with a felony for pushing and kicking two teachers who were attempting to restrain him as he was trying to calm down from a meltdown. The two teachers in question was, at the most, only bruised and did not need medical attention. Yet this boy is being threatened with being placed in a mental hospital that is not equipped to support autistic people, and even has caused Zakh to regress.

There is more information at http://zakhs.blogspot.com/

Please, spread the word about this to the media, and if you even have a few dollars to spare, please donate, as his grandmother is in need to funds for legal fees.


  1. Wait--the teachers are lightly bruised after a curfuffle with an eleven year old child, and they are pressing charges?!?!

    When I was eleven, those teachers would end up getting fired due to complete incompetance.

    I mean, the kids were more scared of the teachers kicking _our_ asses at that age.

    I will say this: fire the teachers. There is no reason that a fully grown adult should feel threatened by any eleven year old child.

  2. I said this on the ABFH blog - with an IQ of 68 how on earth could the boy even know what he was doing? There's no way such charges could stick even if the injuries were more serious.

    Corina - I hate to break a rule here (off topic) - there's a PM waiting for you on my forum.

  3. Oops! Actually it was the New Republic - not ABFH! Sorry!


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