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About Corina

My name is Corina Lynn Becker.

I am a fantasy writer, webcomic artist, English Major, and Neurodiversity ADHD/autistic in Southeast Ontario, devoted to promoting autism acceptance.

I come from a Russian Mennonite family and believe in the social responsibility of everyone in a community to work together, not just for the greater good, but in the best interests of the individual as well. We are all the same and equal, we are all beautifully made unique and different.

As we celebrate diversity, let us use our strengths to lessen our weaknesses so that all may contribute and have happy lives together.

I am diagnosed Autistic, ADHD, and Learning Disabled, with Anxiety and Panic Disorder and OCD tendencies.  I have my Bachelor's of Arts General in English, am currently working part-time and on social assistance.  I have a store on Zazzle, if you'd like to help support an autistic adult. Also, I am going back to school in Disability Studies, and it's very difficult for disabled students to be able to take full or part time courses and work at the same time.  So if you have a few extra dollars, please consider supporting an autistic and disabled student.  

I have many different blogs, including the Autistic Adult App Project, that you can see on my blogger profile.

I am know as ZikaSilver1 at the Gallifrey Base, and some other random places, including YouTube, Nekozikasilver1 on DeviantArt, neko_no_baka on LiveJournal, nekobakaz on cosplay.com and Facebook.

I have three webcomics Amhelaki Misadventures, Lord of the Shepherd, and The Kender and the Bender, plus short 24 Hour Comic Day comics, all available at www.nekomics.com.

I like to do my best to apply my own personal knowledge and experience to answer questions about Autism and disabilities, so please don't hesitate to ask.

While I am the Vice-President of the Autism Women's Network, unless I purposely state otherwise, all of my online activity is my own personal opinion and work, and does not reflect or represent any organization.  In other words, I speak for Me, and me only. If you happen to agree, awesome! If not, well, see my Code of Conduct.

You can contact me either through any of the above networks, or else email me through the Autistic Adult App Project at autisticaap@gmail.com.